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Rapid prototyping and data extraction of genetic constructs.
Create your constructs through the cloud!

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Drag and drop your
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Choose experiments data
you want to be extracted

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View real time updates and
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We synthesize and assemble your genetic constructs, running multiple data extraction experiments in your project to check if your gene is expressing. If you like the results we will ship the genetic construct to you.

How it Works

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you do?

Arcturus BioCloud is a virtual bio-foundry for the rapid prototyping of microorganisms, using genetic engineering. At this point we only work with Escherichia coli and yeast. The idea is that you will send us your digital design (a plasmid in GenBank format) and select the experiments for which you want to obtain data. We synthesize your plasmid, perform the experiments and send you the result through our platform, so you can go back and iterate your design until it works as you would like it to.

What can I do with your service?

We've already proven that we are a great platform for developing research and education; we have customers that are producing synthetic gelatin, insulin, and other novel products. We also have the University of Colorado Denver and a school in Alberta, Canada as customers. They are teaching people how to do genetic engineering without the need for a physical laboratory.

We are a great fit for Research Centers and Companies that want to test fast expression of proteins and build metabolic pathways to develop applications using biotechnology or synthetic biology.

Why do you offer this service?

Our mission is to make these technologies more accessible so that scientists, creators and inventors from all around the world can work with the best tools, regardless of their geographic limitations.

How do I start?

See our screencast. It will explain how to find genes in the databases and design your construct using design software. Then, you simply send us your design and choose the experiments you want us to run.

How much does it cost?

Send us your design and select your experiment, we will give you a quote for your design cycle (synthesis and experiments). The cost varies depending on the size and complexity of the sequences, as well as the experimental design you select.

I want to develop an experiment that is not on your list. What do I do?

Use our communication tool. Talk to our scientists, they can figure out if we can develop your desired experiment for you.

Do you scale the process?

No, we are a rapid prototyping service. After this process, you can continue scaling your production. In the future, we hope to bring resources to help you do this as well.

Who owns the Intellectual Property?

We are a service provider tool, as you can see in our “User Agreement” we don’t have any intellectual property on your design, results or product. You can maintain your research privately or publically, as you see fit. Our CTO has an excellent record in software security, so you can be sure your data is safe with us.

Is this safe?

This is the safest way to develop biotechnology as all the experiments are developed in certified laboratories. We screen the sequences and designs we receive using the default databases to prevent any harmful usage of this technology.

What do you send?

We send you digital data, representing the results of the experiments. Also, after we test your designs and find the best combination, tune of genes or working metabolic pathway, you can ask for the DNA. We will send the plasmid DNA to you. We do not ship modified organisms, we send the DNA. You can transform it in your facility and continue your process.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, but be aware this can take time because of your country's internal regulations.

See what our customers are saying about us

Heather e3f690336bb0f4bd995485efbd0779df703ce73aeb363e9b33669e37022ee3d5

"We want to use Arcturus platform to teach people that don't have a background in biology to do biohacking."

Heather - Denver Biolabs, UC Denver

Brian 4ecbe0a6f2de63a25c84163169ba51c6a1d4d311e8cef12de74444a31b1078bd

"I created a split GFP that you can attach to interacting proteins and detect protein-protein binding."

Brian - Boolean Biotech, Founding scientist 23andMe

Andrew 5a9184e492770a41eec554a08a9d9115461ba3dec2b6fa724998b3473007eae6

"Arcturus gave our design teams a tangible glimpse into the world of synthetic biology, allowing us to design better and faster for an accelerating future."

Andrew - IDEO

Ryan 955ec26079b76a73a874f84350d6eb6a9d225ef1b44643e99c22d4ade9e8c0fc

"We're putting together a project to provide open source insulin."

Ryan - IndieBio, Counter Culture Labs, XPRIZE

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