“Climate change is no longer some far-off problem; it is happening here, it is happening now.”

 Barack Obama


We provide data science driven analysis to generate transparent and objective insights on sustainability risk for our customers


We deliver actionable and granular climate and ESG data analysis to institutional investors and companies to facilitate informed decision making processes

We support efforts by asset owners, investors, and companies to transition and align with a “well below” 2°C global warming pathway

We want to help mobilise public & private market capital towards companies targeting sustainable growth and encourage engagement on sustainability issues

Arcturus Platform


Technology Platform

Capture Risk Adjusted

Return Opportunities

Analysis Integrates

Alternative Data Sources

Arcturus is a dynamic technology platform that automates

screening and analytical processes to deliver real

time analysis and forward looking assessments of potential sustainability linked financial risks


We are continuously augmenting our data lake and data tools.

We deploy AI capabilities to process and analyse a vast volume of different data types obtained from the public domain and from trusted partners


Arcturus.io uses alternative data and remote sensing data

in innovative ways to bring transparency, verify existing data sets, and challenge assumptions in existing sustainability

data and ESG risk assessment 

Our Process

We leverage a proprietary assessment methodology that is guided by the latest climate and sustainability standards, and senior academics. Data integrity, governance and security is paramount to us. Arcturus is constantly extending our coverage to serve different financial markets customer segments and corporates


Arcturus will soon be looking for prospective partners in an Alpha release. Please contact us, or sign-up here to stay informed

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