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Turning climate risk into competitive advantage.

Climate data analytics and sustainability intelligence via APIs and our software platform.

Take control and deliver positive change with Arcturus.



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The Paris climate accord aims to keep the temperature increase on the planet to 1.5 ̊C by 2100.

This requires a substantial shift from the current trajectory, which is set to yield a greater than 3.5 ̊C global warming.

We prepare you for likely scenarios that see escalating carbon taxes, tariffs and business disruptions over this decade.

Our proprietary methodology is consistent with TCFD and UN PRI principles, and we rely upon the GHG Protocol's carbon reporting framework

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Arcturus delivers granular insights on the drivers of climate and ESG profiles for investment holdings. Track movements in an investment portfolio's environmental performance and sustainability profile over time.

What climate pathway is your investment portfolio or your company on?

Arcturus assesses the climate alignment of portfolios, the credibility of Net Zero targets, and benchmarks companies against their peers with near real-time metrics.

Which corporations are pivoting, investing in climate-smart technologies and positioned to prosper in a low-carbon economy?

Arcturus’s data coverage includes a substantial proportion of the investable universe; we track actual decarbonisation progress and classify corporate innovation patterns.

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Sustainability Data Intelligence Platform

The Arcturus platform is an automated, customisable end-to-end sustainability software solution.

Predictive analytics to help financial services companies construct portfolios aligned to defined sustainability goals and address climate-linked financial risks.

Our data APIs and software tools can assist your institution in launching new sustainability-linked products and investment strategies.

Arcturus runs deep learning models that identify near real-time signals hidden in alternative and unstructured data.


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Actionable Insights Delivered Via the Arcturus Platform

Quantitative analytics and signals surfaced from reported and alternative data sets via a daily, repeatable process, leveraging millions of data points.

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Consistent Climate and Environmental Metrics

Standardised investment security and portfolio level metrics and KPIs, aligned to TFCD and UN PRI principles.

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Dynamic Data Service via

Seamless integration via data APIs deployed from our Microsoft Azure cloud environment.

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Portfolio Construction
and Monitoring

Leverage Arcturus's powerful search and data tools to drive portfolio construction.

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Real-time Vulnerability Flags
and Dynamic Filters

Customise investment analytics and screening criteria using Arcturus's advanced settings.

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Investment Reporting

Benchmark investment portfolios, undertake comparable analysis, and extract data for reporting.

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For Financial Professionals

Asset Managers | Pension Funds | Capital Markets | Research | Insurers | Hedge Funds

Arcturus delivers insights on investment exposure to climate vulnerabilities and opportunities from decarbonisation.

  • Detailed assessment your climate risk exposure and positioning for rapid decarbonisation

  • Understand and reposition the climate pathway of multi-asset investment portfolios

  • Inform your portfolio management processes and cut through “green-washing"

  • Customise environmental metrics and reporting to align to your sustainability strategy

  • Filter your investable universe of equity and credit securities for climate-linked vulnerabilities

  • KPIs and standardised metrics for new sustainable capital-market and risk-transfer products

  • Map your balance sheet risk exposures and inform your decarbonisation action plan - coming soon

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For Corporations

Publicly Listed Corporations | Private Issuers of Public Debt | PE and VC Backed Companies
  • Benchmark your sustainability profile versus your peers and identify how to improve your performance and investor perception

  • Understand your climate impact and remaining carbon budget to get “on track”

  • Intelligence on your competitors' sustainability strategies and their climate-smart innovation

  • Engage with Arcturus on your operational data, leveraging our data ingestion capability to assist with reporting

  • Information security requirements addressed on case by case basis

  • Investor-grade reporting as regulatory requirements ramp up

  • Find hidden opportunities for performance improvement to inform your climate action plans and carbon pricing strategy



Let Arcturus inform your climate strategy

Contact us to understand how Arcturus can help you to turn climate risk into opportunity.
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