“Climate change is no longer some far-off problem; it is happening here, it is happening now.”

 Barack Obama


Arcturus is an environmental fintech and enterprise technology company.

We deliver enhanced transparency to the investment community, using machine learning to generate actionable insights from vast data sets.

We help investors evaluate climate and sustainability risks, the associated financial risks, and future opportunities.

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Technology Platform

Capture Risk Adjusted

Return Opportunities

Analysis Integrates

Alternative Data Sources

A scalable technology platform that supports real-time updates and addresses critical pain points in the workflows of investment managers, asset owners, and capital markets professionals. 

A dynamic data analytics solution: tools that generate ESG risk assessments and alpha generating ideas for investors.

Machine learning to evaluate vast unstructured and alternative data sets.

We verify and deliver granular insights using data fusion, leveraging our extensive domain expertise in financial risk management.


Our platform has several critical use cases. It's a screening and risk management tool, as well as a central input to investment decision processes across different asset classes -- ensuring a comprehensive assessment of risk-adjusted returns.

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